South Florida Appellate Attorneys

Lawsuits frequently do not end in the trial court. The losing party generally has a right of appeal to an appellate court, and that is where an appellate attorney’s research and writing skills truly are put to the test. If you need an attorney with experience in both the state and federal appellate courts, you’ve come to the right place.


South Florida Appellate Attorneys
South Florida Appellate Attorneys

State and federal trial courts generally provide litigants with a right to appeal adverse judgments and certain types of orders to an appellate court. Whether you are the one unhappy with a trial court ruling or the one who won the underlying dispute, having an appellate attorney who is knowledgeable about appellate court practice is instrumental to success. 

An attorney’s research, writing, and oral argument skills are truly put to the test in appellate courts. Whether state or federal, appellate courts typically consist of multiple judges who, if oral argument is allowed/requested, will not hesitate to pepper an attorney with questions about the facts/law during those crucial minutes. Years worth of trial court litigation can be decided on the strength of appellate briefs, legal research skills, and an attorney’s ability to think quickly on his/her feet. 

Our attorneys, while located in South Florida, have successfully navigated both the state and federal appellate courts around the country, winning major victories for our clients in hotly-contested cases. Having an appellate attorney on your side who can properly advise you throughout all stages of the litigation process – whether pre-filing, during the lawsuit, during an appeal, and thereafter – is important not only to your overall chance of success, but also to your stress level.

Notable Appellate Representation

  • GMH Tequesta Holdings, LLC v. Harmony Recovery Group, LLC et al. (Florida 4th DCA) – successfully represented company accused of tortiously interfering with non-compete agreement by defeating preliminary injunction at trial level with order being affirmed on appeal
  •  Brandace Baker v. Robert P. Murphy et al. (Florida 4th DCA) – obtained summary judgment in favor of defendant on breach of fiduciary duty claim with order being affirmed on appeal
  •  Caleb Salmon v. Nutra Pharma Corp. (US Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit) – obtained sanctions order against opposing party which was affirmed on appeal
  •  Town of Gulf Stream et al. v. Citizens Awareness Foundation, Inc. et al. (US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit) – obtained dismissal of civil RICO claim which was affirmed on appeal