Our business is helping your business succeed

We focus our law firm on those areas that businesses typically need most – from litigation to transactions and most things in-between. 

We help businesses solve their legal issues

Our practice areas are designed to support and complement our clients’ business needs. That may mean pursuing a lawsuit for a breach of contract, negotiating a purchase contract, drafting employee noncompete agreements, or developing best practices for trade secret protection. If it’s important to your business, it’s important to us.

Business Litigation

From contract disputes to LLC membership breakups, fraud, civil theft, and everything in between, our attorneys provide invaluable guidance when the future of your business is on the line.

Business Transactions

The best lawsuit is the one that was never filed. Our attorneys can help you navigate complex legal terms and contract language to put you in the best position possible if a dispute ever materializes.

Employment Litigation

Litigation threats are not just external. Employers must be vigilant and follow a complex set of employment laws to ensure compliance and avoid common lawsuits for overtime violations, discrimination, and/or harassment.

Federal Court Practice

Lawsuits in federal court - whether because of a federal statute or diversity jurisdiction - are a different animal than those in state courts. With experience in over 500 federal court lawsuits, the attorneys at DeSouza Law can help you navigate the nuances of federal court.

Class Action Litigation

Class actions are typically high-stakes lawsuits involving hundreds if not thousands of plaintiffs injured in a similar manner. We work with class representatives in dissecting what are typically complex webs of financial and other documents to uncover the underlying conduct.

Wealth Protection

In a litigious society, any business or individual with a sizeable net worth has a veritable target on their back. By protecting assets through legitimate means, you can lower both the risk of litigation and the risk of losing everything in the event of an adverse judgment.

Copyright and Trademark

Copyright and trademark infringement can decimate a business' profits and provide an unfair advantage to competitors. If another business is stealing or capitalizing on your logo, name, images, or products, we can help.

Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy Litigation

Debtors often file bankruptcy to avoid legitimate debts or frustrate collection efforts. We frequently help creditors pursue and defend adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court, whether against debtors, bankruptcy trustees, or otherwise.


Lawsuits frequently do not end in the trial court. The losing party generally has a right of appeal to an appellate court, and that is where an attorney's research and writing skills truly are put to the test. If you need an attorney with experience in both the state and federal appellate courts, you've come to the right place.


Lawyers are, unfortunately, a necessary evil. If we lived in a perfect world where everyone got along and honored their business commitments, we wouldn’t need lawyers. Nobody enjoys picking up the phone and calling their lawyer as it usually means trouble on the horizon. We aim to make that process a little less stressful and a little more fruitful. We implement strategies best suited to accomplish our clients’ goals and do our best to anticipate pitfalls/red flags. We think every attorney should do the same, but then we suppose there wouldn’t be quite so many lawyer jokes out there. 

This is mostly a trick question as it suggests there is information you should NOT provide. To properly represent our clients, we need to know all the details – good, bad, and mundane. You can hire a cheerleader for much less than you can hire an attorney – our job is to advise and guide you (even if the advice was not quite what you wanted to hear). Much of the law is fact specific, so the more we know, the better we can advise. 

I suppose the question could be reversed – how much does it cost to NOT hire an attorney? Good advice can be priceless – it can help you avoid a lawsuit, negotiate better terms on a business transaction, or win the lawsuit that was filed. Attorneys sometimes work on different billing arrangements depending on the issue – a small firm typically has more flexibility on offering hourly fees, flat fees, contingency arrangements, partial contingency, etc. It’s best to call us and explain your legal matter fully so we can appropriately set expectations and billing arrangements. 

The good old fashioned telephone is the best and quickest way to contact us. Someone is always standing by during business hours to take your call and discuss whether we can help.