Federal Court Practice

Lawsuits in federal court – whether because of a federal statute or diversity jurisdiction – are a different animal than those in state courts. With experience in over 500 federal court lawsuits, the attorneys at DeSouza Law can help you navigate the nuances of federal court. 

DeSouza Law Federal Court Litigation AttorneysThe attorneys at DeSouza Law are experienced in litigating in the federal courts in South Florida and around the country. Federal courts march to the beat of a different drum – they oversee disputes typically not brought in state court, move at a different pace, and require extensive knowledge of federal rules, regulations, and statutes to obtain favorable results. 

The attorneys at DeSouza Law have substantial experience litigating a wide variety of claims in federal courts throughout the United States. Our knowledge of and comfort with federal procedure allows us to focus on our clients’ needs rather than becoming bogged down by rules and regulations. Where does that knowledge and comfort level come from? We have appeared in over 500 civil and/or bankruptcy lawsuits in over 24 different federal courts around the country. 

From federal statutory claims to state law claims brought in federal court, we have the necessary experience to navigate the federal courts in representing our clients. Mistakes and oversight in federal court can prove costly, and therefore clients need counsel that is vastly experienced with all aspects of federal court practice. 

Typical Areas of Practice

  • Federal Statutory Claims
    • False Advertising / Unfair Competition  
    • Computer Fraud and Abuse
    • Labor & Employment
    • Trade Secrets
    • Civil Rights
    • Trademark
    • Copyright
    • RICO
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • State Law Claims Raising Diversity Jurisdiction (i.e., between citizens of different states where at least $75,000.00 is at issue)

Notable Federal Court Representation

  • Marva Gentles-Daughtry v. Tax Refund Express SFL LLC et al. (Southern District of Florida) – obtained $160,470.00 final judgment for false advertising, false designation of origin, unfair competition, breach of contract, and misappropriation of trade secrets against individual and entities who breached contract by establishing substantially similar businesses that misled client’s customers
  • MGRD, Inc. v. Waiora, LLC et al. (Southern District of Florida) – obtained preliminary injunction under the Defend Trade Secrets Act and various other claims against company that violated license agreement by utilizing client’s trade secrets to manufacture a competing product
  •  Byron Huang et al. v. American Chinese Restaurant Alliance, Inc. (Southern District of Texas) – obtained favorable jury verdict on fraud and other claims brought between owners of failed business venture
  • Felix Piccolo, Jr. v. Frank Anthony Piccolo et al. (Southern District of Florida) – obtained $1,471,743.00 jury trial judgment on claims for conversion, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty arising from the alleged misappropriation of gold coins and cash from safe deposit box 
  • Caleb Salmon v. Nutra Pharma Corp. et al. (Northern District of Oklahoma) – obtained dismissal of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and consumer protection statute lawsuit and also received Rule 11 sanctions against plaintiff who brought the claims