Small firm attention. Big firm expertise.

Big firm clients often feel that their cases are handled in assembly-line fashion – that they are just another number contributing to the bottom line of the firm. Small firms usually provide superior service, but they are often ill-equipped to handle the nuanced and complex aspects of modern business litigation.

At DeSouza Law, we stand for the principle that a client should not have to choose between personalized attention and substantial experience.  We understand that each client is unique and that each case requires personalized attention from its beginning through conclusion. Although we represent businesses in a variety of complex matters, we realize that those businesses are run/managed by people, and it is our goal to treat our clients with the respect and personalized attention that they both deserve and require.

In addition to personalized attention, our clients receive the benefit of big firm expertise.  Prior to forming DeSouza Law, Daniel DeSouza worked as a senior attorney with a leading Florida law firm where his practice concentrated on complex commercial disputes in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts throughout the United States. Prior to that, Daniel worked at a multinational law firm in Washington, DC where he handled substantial litigation matters (often involving several hundred million dollar amounts in dispute) for numerous national, multinational, and international clients.

Daniel’s areas of concentration include litigation of business torts (such as tortious interference, breach of fiduciary duty, fraudulent inducement, and misappropriation claims), employment disputes (on behalf of both employers and employees), defense of bankruptcy fraudulent transfer and preference actions, and complex contractual disputes between businesses. He is committed to obtaining practical, creative, and efficient solutions for his clients in both litigation and negotiations of settlements. Our clients can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to successfully navigate the nuanced and complex issues of business litigation.