Copyright and Trademark

Copyright and trademark infringement can decimate a business’ profits and provide an unfair advantage to competitors. If another business is stealing or capitalizing on your logo, name, images, or products, we can help.

Copyright and Trademark

DeSouza Law South Florida Copyright and Trademark Infringement Attorneys From our offices in South Florida, the attorneys at DeSouza Law regularly counsel clients in copyright and trademark infringement matters across the country. Copyright and trademark law protect the essence and identity of a business – your slogans, logos, designs, text, and images all define how consumers view you. You spent years building a reputation or a brand, and someone should not be allowed to simply come along and take what is rightfully yours – whether that be a competitor or someone who simply does not want to put in the creative effort themselves. 

Recognizing and understanding what copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws are available to protect a business – and how to best utilize those laws – is critical to success. We assist clients with both registering and enforcing their copyrights and trademarks. You worked hard creating your photographs, brands, logos, and slogans – now let us work even harder to protect them. 

Notable Copyright and Trademark Representation

  • Negotiated various intellectual property licensing agreements for water treatment franchising company
  •  Advisor Law PLLC v. AdvisorLaw, LLC (Southern District of Florida) – filed trademark infringement lawsuit with respect to company’s alleged improper use of the “Advisor Law” name, ultimately leading to confidential settlement between the parties
  • Marva Gentles-Daughtry v. Tax Refund Express SFL LLC et al. (Southern District of Florida) – obtained final judgment against individual and companies who misappropriated trade secrets and established competing businesses using substantially same look, feel, and design of client’s website in an effort to confuse consumers